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The EX & Brass Unbound – UK Tour (Long play)

By johnminton

On 18, Jun 2010 | In | By johnminton

The EX & Brass Unbound – UK Tour (Long play)

The Ex & Brass Unbound with Mats Gustafsson, Roy Paci, Ken Vandermark & Wolter Wierbos
with support Zun Zun Egui

Brass Unbound comprised Swedish force of nature Mats Gustafsson (saxophone), Chicago jazz heavyweight Ken Vandermark (saxophone), Italian wild card Roy Paci (trumpet) and boundary busting classical/futurist Wolter Wierbos (trombone).

Zun Zun Egui stormed in as warm up act.

By johnminton

On 18, Sep 2007 | In | By johnminton

Faster Than Sound Festival 2007

Faster Than Sound returned to the cold war environment of Bentwaters Airbase for more sonic exploration, joining the dots between musical genres adn digital art forms.
The film is structured around ‘The Halt tape’, a recording of a UFO sighting made by Lt.Col. Charles Halt, December 28th 1980, in Rendlesham Forest. The Halt Tape featured as an installation during the Festival which was based where the proposed sightings occurred.
Premiered at Faster Than Light, Aldeburgh Cinema, 2008
Music by Powerplant, Philip Jeck, Hildur Gudnadottir, Haswell & Hecker, Murcof, Pierre Bastien, Colleen, Dat Politics, Mira Calix, EXAUDI, Phillip Neil Martin and Plaid.

By johnminton

On 18, Aug 2006 | In | By johnminton

Portishead – The Truly Spectacular…

The truly spectacular ‘Universal’ conference film.
My First Portishead project.
Originally created for Universal to promote Portishead’s ‘Third’ album.
It was subsequently included in the Box Set release of ‘Third’.

By johnminton

On 18, Mar 2004 | In | By johnminton


By johnminton

On 18, May 2003 | In | By johnminton