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On 17, Oct 2016 | In | By johnminton

Get The Blessing – Monkfish Live

4 Track Live Video EP for Get The Blessing.

View all 4 tracks here -


By johnminton

On 10, Sep 2016 | In | By johnminton

Get The Blessing – Conch

“Conch” by Get The Blessing is a track from the 2015 album “Astronautilus.”
It was recorded in Cornwall during a particularly spectacular and violent storm.

By johnminton

On 22, Jun 2016 | In | By johnminton

Portishead – SOS

By johnminton

On 07, Jun 2016 | In | By johnminton

Eagulls – Velvet

Last month, Leeds’s Eagulls released an excellent sophomore LP of dreamy, shoe-gazy rock called Ullages. Today they’ve shared a heartachey video for album cut “Velvet” that feels like a vintage 4AD cover made as a motion picture directed by John Minton, whose work lead singer George Mitchell said he has long admired.

“I was a fan of John Minton’s work that he’d created for Portishead and was lucky enough to get him to work with me on this video,” he explained in an email to The FADER. “We both share interests in old cinema and we saw Saul Bass and Fernand Leger as inspirations on the visual elements and John was able to adapt these inspirations into a modern take with a theme of love loss running throughout. “

By johnminton

On 24, Feb 2016 | In | By johnminton

Jeff Wootton – Album Promo

Filmed at the Debut show at the Red Gallery show in October 2015.

By johnminton

On 23, Feb 2016 | In | By johnminton

The KVB – In Deep

‘In Deep’ is the first taste of the dark romantics’ forthcoming album, Of Desire, and was shot over 2 freezing January days in Berlin.

“It’s about longing – we wanted to make intimate images with a cold tone which rolled with the tune,” says video director John Minton.

Of Desire was recorded on Geoff Barrow’s “wonderful synthesisers” and is out March 11 on Bristol’s Invada Records. Keep your eyes peeled for a FACT feature with The KVB later this month.

By johnminton

By johnminton

On 10, Apr 2015 | In | By johnminton

Riverman – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

‘Who is the Riverman?
It’s for me to know and you to find out’

By johnminton

On 25, Feb 2014 | In | By johnminton

Manchester Orchestra – Top Notch

“The song is about two brothers trying to escape a fire. We tried to create something that told less of an immediate story and caused more of a gut reaction. Something to be interpreted without laying it all out in front of you. It’s also quite terrifying. Like somebody was digging and found this VHS artifact in the ground.” – Andy Hull (Manchester Orchestra)

Top Notch is the first release from Manchester Orchestra’s 4th album ‘COPE’, set for release on the 1st April via Lomo Vista.

“The video conveys the sinister scenario of the song in a fragmented manner.
It plays with suggestion and decay, hopefully leaving you with a lasting mental impression.” – John Minton

By johnminton

On 18, Oct 2013 | In | By johnminton

The Fauns – Seven Hours