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On 05, Sep 2023 | In | By JM

Gazelle Twin – Black Dog

Label debut with Invada Records and “an album about confronting fear, and the expectation that the things that lurked in the darkness when you were a child will disappear as you become an adult,” Bernholz adds.

The album launches today with its title track, “Black Dog”. The track’s whispered narrative takes its lyrical rhythms from the children’s books Bernholz reads to her children and, she explains, its title comes from a recurring figure from her childhood, “a small black dog’s shadow, blacker than black, moving by my bedside – not terrifying but lingering. Looping. Tailing. Restless. Keeping me awake” before going on to explain that “now as an adult I experience a different kind of insomnia in the pitch dark, another kind of black dog paces at night.”

Talking about Minton’s work, Bernholz said, “I find the manifestations of AI very ghostly in nature, so it worked brilliantly for this film, incorporating the album cover illustration by Craig Humpston, interior walkthroughs and visual feedback. John’s film perfectly evokes the inky, looming and restless nature of childhood fear that inspired the song.” Minton goes on to say: “The track required the overriding atmosphere to be murky, dark, and ominous and then burst into life. The structure of the song guided the way whilst I fused Analogue and AI processing to create an unnerving dreamscape.”