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On 05, Sep 2023 | In | By JM

Gazelle Twin – Black Dog

Label debut with Invada Records and “an album about confronting fear, and the expectation that the things that lurked in the darkness when you were a child will disappear as you become an adult,” Bernholz adds.

The album launches today with its title track, “Black Dog”. The track’s whispered narrative takes its lyrical rhythms from the children’s books Bernholz reads to her children and, she explains, its title comes from a recurring figure from her childhood, “a small black dog’s shadow, blacker than black, moving by my bedside – not terrifying but lingering. Looping. Tailing. Restless. Keeping me awake” before going on to explain that “now as an adult I experience a different kind of insomnia in the pitch dark, another kind of black dog paces at night.”

Talking about Minton’s work, Bernholz said, “I find the manifestations of AI very ghostly in nature, so it worked brilliantly for this film, incorporating the album cover illustration by Craig Humpston, interior walkthroughs and visual feedback. John’s film perfectly evokes the inky, looming and restless nature of childhood fear that inspired the song.” Minton goes on to say: “The track required the overriding atmosphere to be murky, dark, and ominous and then burst into life. The structure of the song guided the way whilst I fused Analogue and AI processing to create an unnerving dreamscape.”


On 06, Mar 2023 | In | By JM

Sleaford Mods ft. Perry Farrell – So Trendy

“Perry got in touch and said he wanted to work with us,” explains Jason Williamson of the collaboration.
“He’s a really cool guy and his back catalogue clearly speaks for itself, so we jumped at it, and So Trendy grew from there.”

Enhancing So Trendy’s line of attack, was created using Generative AI to place Sleaford Mods and Perry Farrell in a fabricated, retro video game-like world that explores the song’s themes.

“So Trendy concerns itself with the ongoing polarisation of living life through smart devices” declares Williamson of the satirical yet savage lyrically edge. “The daily experience is a series of passwords or facial recognitions that lead us into familiar Arenas of consumer marketing and conformity.”

Director: John Minton


On 17, Jan 2023 | In | By JM

Sleaford Mods – UK Grim

Welcome to #UKGRIM.

Witness the fitness of the video from the legend that is @coldwarsteve

. We’re all Tory MPs now…servants of this really bleak sort of Aldi nationalism

Edit and Animation by Mintonfilm


On 06, Jan 2023 | In | By JM

Tim Saul – 24 George Street

24 George St. is the 2nd track to be shared from Tim Saul’s new LP ‘Thresholds’. A timelessly hypnotic song featuring the beguiling vocals of Swedish artist Elsa Esmeralda (London Elektricity).
The accompanying dream-like video was made in collaboration with maverick visual artist John Minton (Portishead/Pretenders/BillyNomates) with filming by Agnes Haus (Brighton) & Farhang Hamed (Stockholm).
Easter Monday during Lockdown . A pop-up studio in a cavernous basement of an old Victorian townhouse – part surrealist shebeen, part North African souk. The building has been home to many generations of story-tellers, tradesmen & musical instrument makers, including it’s current caretaker Jane Bom-Bane.
On this day, ghosts bounce straight off of the walls & into the track as generations take their place at the Lucid table.
A visual celebration of a unique place & all the people who came before & paved the way for us… Track release date 6thJanuary 2023. Listen/Download on all major streaming services here: The full LP Thresholds is Released on February 3rd 2023 through Bark at Your Owner/ ICEA.


On 06, Jun 2022 | In | By JM

Charlotte Harding – Palomino


On 03, Mar 2022 | In | By JM

Charlotte Harding – III (TRI Remix)

The premiere of the ‘III’ music video marks Ivors Composer Award-winning Charlotte Harding’s debut as a solo artist.

Featuring leading contemporary musicians, the track uses innovative approaches to sampling and electronic production to create a punchy, visceral and multi-dimensional ‘clectro’ (classical + electronic) musical language.

Featuring artwork from highly acclaimed songwriter, composer, and visual artist Keaton Henson.


On 13, Sep 2021 | In | By JM

His Lordship – Bored

The new project from guitarist James Walbourne (@thepretendershq , @thepoguesofficial, @therails) and Kristoffer Sonne (Chrissie Hynde, Willie Nelson), His Lordship is the sound of Walbourne unleashed as a frontman; a furious riot of raging guitar and perverted drums from another dimension.

Animation by John Minton


On 13, Aug 2021 | In | By JM

Dot Allison – One Love

Directed by Maria Mochnacz
Shot by John Minton