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On 06, Mar 2023 | In | By JM

Sleaford Mods ft. Perry Farrell – So Trendy

“Perry got in touch and said he wanted to work with us,” explains Jason Williamson of the collaboration.
“He’s a really cool guy and his back catalogue clearly speaks for itself, so we jumped at it, and So Trendy grew from there.”

Enhancing So Trendy’s line of attack, was created using Generative AI to place Sleaford Mods and Perry Farrell in a fabricated, retro video game-like world that explores the song’s themes.

“So Trendy concerns itself with the ongoing polarisation of living life through smart devices” declares Williamson of the satirical yet savage lyrically edge. “The daily experience is a series of passwords or facial recognitions that lead us into familiar Arenas of consumer marketing and conformity.”

Director: John Minton