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On 13, Nov 2019 | In | By JM

Minimalism Changed My Life: Tones, Drones & Arpeggios from Paraorchestra

Paraorchestra with Charles Hazlewood

Filmed at Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre, London, 28th September 2019

Film by John Minton

Through live music, storytelling, and AV Minimalism Changed My Life showcases the transcendental powers of Minimalism.

This video sets this world-changing musical movement that inspired the show in global historical context.

Based on Charles Hazlewood’s acclaimed 2018 BBC4 programme, Tones Drones and Arpeggios; Minimalism Changed My Life explores work by some of the great composers of the genre who rebooted classical music in the 20th Century.

Key musical minimalist ingredients are blended with a visual narrative that brings the stories behind the genre to life – including Charles Hazlewood’s own journey into minimalism – firmly placing them in a global historical context; sexual liberation, economic instability and the existential threats of the Cold War and Cuba Missile Crisis.

Minimalism Changed My Life is a truly unique opportunity to experience the last big idea in classical music, one that has rocked mainstream music and reverberated through the genres ever since.

Terry Riley: A Rainbow in Curved Air
Mike Oldfield: Tubular Bells
Philip Glass: Music in Similar Motion
Pauline Oliveros: A Woman Sees How The World Goes With No Eyes
Pauline Oliveros: The Last Time (Ultima Vez)
Steve Reich: Music for a Large Ensemble

Produced by Paraorchestra