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Kath Bloom – Just Can’t Make It Without You

Mario Batkovic – Semper

Get The Blessing – Monkfish Live

Get The Blessing – Conch

Will Gregory’s Moog Ensemble

Portishead – SOS

Light Years Trailer

Eagulls – Velvet

Jeff Wootton – Album Promo

The KVB – In Deep

Hannah and the Heartbreak – Edge of the blue line

Riverman – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Tour Visuals

Symphony III – Gorecki

Portishead Live Visuals – 2014

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Kath Bloom Premiered on Magnet

1st March 2017 By johnminton

Kath Bloom will issue This Dream Of Life on March 10. With the release date approaching, MAGNET is proud to bring Bloom’s new video to your eyes. Black-and-white home movies play alongside the tender, moving “Just Can’t Make It Without You.” Three angles at once, each frame reveals a different scene in a single room—people at all stages of life.

Mario Clip Premiered on Quietus

24th January 2017 By johnminton

Shot in July 2016, in Bern.
A passenger tunnel joining footpaths next to the river.
Amazing sound.
More to come from my few days with Mario later in the year.