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Manchester Orchestra – Top Notch

The Fauns – Seven Hours

Savages – Station to Station

Savages – Husbands

Beak – Sacrum Profanum 2013

In C – Adrian Utley Guitar Orchestra – Sacrum Profanum 2013

Portishead – Glastonbury 2013

Adrian Utley Guitar Orchestra – ‘In C’ Preview

Croft Castle

Portishead – Live Visuals

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Thought Forms

3rd March 2014 By johnminton

Good to see this Thought Forms edit see the light of day.
Great memories from the 2011 Portishead Tour.

The Film That Buys The Cinema

7th November 2013 By johnminton

The Cube Cinema, Bristol, England has been playing with film, culture and form for fifteen years. Volunteer-run, it is organised and curated by the artists/workers.

The Film That Buys the Cinema (FTBTC) is a 70 minute art feature film comprised of one-minute takes, no edits. Each minute is shot by contributors who have passed through the Cube and who are special to us: film makers, musicians, poets, amateurs, wrestlers, radicals, community groups and more.

Each contributor’s take is 60 seconds long. Each minute will be sequenced together to morph into a labyrinthine journey of light and sound, capturing not only the here and now but the history and future of our very special and deeply loved independent social cinema space.

From the wilfully obscure to the cult, the pop spectrum to the outer limits, from scientists to skaters The Film That Buys the Cinema will be a series of takes on life’s rich pageant, bumper to bumper. An artistic time capsule.

Through associated art objects, credits and then exhibition, this film will help raise the final funds needed to buy the actual building the Cube is housed in and secure the plucky Microplex’s future