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Allé Sauvage Premiere

On 22, Jun 2018 | In Beak, Editing, Live, Music Video, Portishead, Savages | By JM

Allé Sauvage” finds BEAK> in a hypnotic mode it also comes with a live video made with John Minton, who’s also worked with Portishead and Savages.

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SXSW Festival

On 14, Mar 2018 | In Asian Arts Agency, Live, PunjabTronix | By JM

PunjabTronix is set to perform at 2018 SXSW Music Festival. The group recently toured the East Coast of the USA this March. PunjabTronix is a forward-looking experience of technology and cutting edge British electronic music connecting with the traditions of Punjab – culminating in an exciting new musical and visual experience.

March 14, 2018
209 E 6th St, Austin
8:00 p.m.

March 16, 2018
Palm Door on Sixth
508 E 6th St, Austin
8:00 p.m.

Punjabtronix Live Stream

On 12, Mar 2018 | In Asian Arts Agency, Editing, PunjabTronix, Visuals Director | By JM

PunjabTronix is an exciting, new international collaboration between award-winning British-Indian electronic music producer DJ Swami and traditional Punjabi folk stars, including Vijay Yamla and Naresh Kuki, synchronised with unique live mixed digital projections. Presented as part of the Kennedy Center’s DIRECT CURRENT inaugural season.

Jan Harlan

On 26, Sep 2017 | In Editing, Live, Moog Ensemble, Will Gregory | By JM

The guy who presented The Moog Ensemble at the Kubrick Gig and granted permission for the re-sequencing of the Kubrick films.

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Kubrick Visuals!

On 26, Sep 2017 | In Editing, Live, Moog Ensemble, Will Gregory | By JM

Here’s a review of a special Moog Ensemble gig.

An amazing experience for me personally as I was given license by Kubrick’s estate to re-sequence Clockwork Orange, The Shining and 2001 to a medley of compositions the films – played live by the Moog Ensemble to celebrate the opening of the Kubrick Exhibition in Copenhagen.

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Remixing the Archives

On 18, Jul 2017 | In Adrian Utley, Asian Arts Agency, PunjabTronix, Watershed | By JM

Sat 29 July 11:00am

Get insights from musicians and creatives about working with archives to create new works. Guests include Bristol-based filmmaker John Minton, known for his experimental, lo-fi, and hallucinatory style of filmmaking working with the likes of Portishead, Noel Gallagher and most recently with Get the Blessing and DJ Swami on Punjabtronix, a new commission by Asian Arts Agency in partnership with Watershed to promote international collaborations between artists from England and India to respond to Reimagine India 2017.




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Charlotte Hatherley

On 05, Jul 2017 | In Music Video | By JM

Lotus Esprit



Some Lyrics



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Artwork & Review for Justin Adams

On 15, Jun 2017 | In Justin Adams | By JM

Rarely has an album’s artwork better reflected its content: blackness, or the void from which light occasionally emanates. This is a collection of instrumentals enhanced by vocals, rather than what might be called songs. The opening minimalist piece “Lightshaft” begins with a single plucked guitar note and its long vibrato-laden after-echo, like the sonic equivalent of a lone flickering candle. Norwegian singer Anneli Drecker’s haunting contributions can’t be described as lead vocals because they are no more or less significant than any other texture on the record.

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